The Museum will be closed this winter starting Dec. 3rd. Thank you all so much for an incredible season, and we will see you all again in April.

Corsair Plane

About the Museum

Chances are,  you’re not visiting the Mid America Flight Museum homepage by mistake. If you are here, you likely have at least some interest in aircraft and aviation history. If you have an interest in vintage and historic military aircraft, then you are in for a treat.

In the United States, we all have so much to be thankful for. Mid America Flight Museum is the result of a dream to somehow find a way to give something back to the community, our country, and most importantly, to give something back to this nation’s military veterans.

Our goals are simple: honoring this nation’s veterans, promoting both aviation and History to our youth, and preserving the uniquely individual histories of our aircraft. This is our mission here at Mid America Flight Museum. Our team has another goal not often found among places where these types of aircraft are located. Our team has the resources, the know-how, but most importantly, the heart to keep these historic aircraft flying. We believe this sets Mid America Flight Museum apart from most other aviation museums.

For the casual viewer, this site is a place to see some stunning photographs of our aircraft. We also provide short bios on each aircraft as well as the people who made the dream happen. So grab a good cup of coffee or other beverage of choice, kick back and stay a while.

Honoring Veterans

Veterans unselfishly gave their service, and sometimes their lives, so that we could enjoy all the freedoms that we do today. Recognizing and providing aviation experiences to Veterans and their families is our way of showing our appreciation for their sacrifices. Money cannot buy the kind of joy you see in their eyes when flying in one of these historic planes. Here at Mid America Flight Museum, we are dedicated to preserving the memory of these Veterans and the planes they flew to defend our freedom. In 2013, Mid America Flight Museum gave more than 600 free rides to Veterans and their families, and this mission will continue.

Mentoring Kids

Aviation provides kids an opportunity to be a part of something that will be with them for life. Some may do nothing with it, while others may learn to fly and use this skill to reach new heights. There are many roads available to kids who have learned to fly. These include careers in the Military, Corporate Aviation, and Airlines. These are just a few of the major opportunities for up and coming pilots. Without a “Mentor” at a young age, many kids never even consider aviation as a field for them. Mid America Flight Museum may not be able to change the world, but it can have a positive influence on a few young aviators each year! 

Providing Opportunity for Community Involvement

How many people retire from a long time job and have absolutely nothing to do? Mid America Flight Museum will offer people who want to get involved, an opportunity to continue to expand their knowledge base in aviation and serve the community at the same time. We have multiple aircraft restoration projects in the works that provide hours of fun and educational fellowship with other people in the community. Making friends, preserving history, and mentoring others are very rewarding! Folks that help with the Museum will all get to participate in the flying events! 

Preserving Aviation History

Multiple factors, including the expense of maintaining these historic airplanes, have caused many aviation museums to have only static aircraft. It is our belief that airplanes were built to fly! Taking an old airplane that most everyone else has given up on and restoring it back to flying condition is extremely rewarding. Like antique cars, they are not building any more of these, so it is our goal to be good stewards of the resources we have to keep these aircraft flying.  

P-51 Mustang

The Museum will be closed this winter starting Dec. 3rd. Thank you all so much for an incredible season, and we will see you all again in April.

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