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About Wayne Minor

Wayne Minor is a regular volunteer with the Mid America Flight Museum and can be found there providing tours during open hours. He has been a Texas Peace Officer for over 35 years and currently serves as an Investigator with the Titus County Sheriff's Office in Mount Pleasant, TX. It was his capacity as a crime scene photographer that led him to expand his interest in photography and he fell in love with the magnificently loud, smoking, fire-belching radial engines when he was introduced to Mid America Flight Museum's DC3 "Skyking." Wayne has an interest in aviation as it relates to vintage aircraft, WarBirds, and in showing honor to our country's military veterans. He believes that is what MAFM does best and meeting new and interesting people who visit the museum, keeps his interest in is volunteer activity high. He also has a casual interest in his intermittent hobby of being a luthier, focusing on fiddles and guitars mostly. Lastly, he has an enduring love for writing mostly short stories but also has an interest in writing true crime works. Several of which are presently in the works. He hopes to see you at Mid America Flight Museum soon.